Hi again,

I'm having problems on some machines installing iPrint printers that have
driver profiles associated with them.

The installation will complete the download of the driver, read the printer
information file and add the printer driver, but then hangs. The blue bars
continue to cycle, but the OS hangs. Even ctrl-alt-del doesn't do anything,
although Alt-Tab still brings up the task switcher.

Once the PC is rebooted (by a power-off/on) the driver is installed, but
without the profile settings.

It doesn't happen on all PCs, but on quite a lot. They're all built in a
similar way (no obvious pattern which work and which don't) and have XP SP2
and an up-to-date netware client/iprint client installed. Server is NW6.5SP4

Does anyone know how to troubleshoot/resolve this?



PS The driver I'm currently trying to install is the PostScript3 driver for
a Ricoh CL-7000 colour laser.