Hey all,

I know many of you are having printer driver and printer driver profile update problems in iManager. Well, novell just recently posted a fixed NMP for this
http://download.novell.com/SummaryFr...d=NVZMEjT2xE0~ (you need the ~)

I don't know why they didn't tell anyone about this, nor why they wouldn't put it on the patch site. It is in the download area. Do a search on "iManager" and sort by date.

So, if you are using iManager 2.5 or 2.6 you can use this patch.

Otherwise, here might be a workaround.

The latest microsoft update for IE catches an
invalid quote in 2 of our OCX object ID definitions. In
ResourceDriversPage.jsp and PrinterDriverProfile.jsp find the OBJECT
ID=iPrintAccess tag near the top of the file. Remove the quotation mark
near the end of the definition. The line should now look like this:
<OBJECT ID=iPrintAccess CLASSID=clsid:36723f97-7aa0-11d4-8919-
Save the file.

There are a few other files in that directory that have the same <OBJECT ID=iPrintAccess CLASSID=clsid:36723f97-7aa0-11d4-8919-
FF2D71D0D32C></OBJECT> That you need to remove the " mark from at the end.