Well I still haven't made much headway with iPrint.
Our iPrint is so badly broken now it's probably going out the windows
Over 40% can no longer install iPrint printers, some get Insufficient
memory to print even though they have 512MB RAM and 87% free resources,
the Maptool no longer works correctly.

Now I am getting wierd errors when I try to install printer drivers in
RMS (iPrint ZLIB-19 unknown error). This happened after editing my
*jsp files as recommended in TID 10100923.

I had installed the iPrint plugins dated 4/18/06 on my NW6.0SP5 server
first (Mistake, it is still iManager 2.02). This is my iPrint Server
so that is why I tried there first.
Then I installed plugins on my NW6.5SP3 server and it actually tried to
install "from file" and "from system", but got that error (iPrint
ZLIB-19 unknown error). No hits at Novell Support?

The iManager error in the log was:
eMFrameUtils.......1734 05/03/06 [14:47:38.595] Assertion Failure

Where do I start?