The version of iPrint included with my NetWare CD (Netware 6, no SP's)
will say it installs (NIPP.EXE) from the website, I do the install, and
restart like it wants. When I go to restart, I look in my All Programs
folder on my workstation (Win XP Pro), under the Novell iPrint Programs
folder, and all I see is Uninstall iPrint Client and About iPrint
Client. No actual configuration program like the Novell Manual says
there is. Am I just using the wrong version? It's for my school exam at
the college. I don't know what version I got, but I also just
downloaded the newest version of iPrint Client from Novell's site, and
I'm going to see if I can put it in my ippdocs folder and make THAT
available instead... Assuming it works. Any help would be greatly