Hi all.

I have working iPrint, but I also have some small problems that can be
avoided by some workarounds. I could use some help to figure out what is
actually wrong in orser to get it working as it should.


I need to add cluster node IP:s to hosts -file in order to be able to
make printer profiles, othervise I get Winsock error as in TID 10093970.

Node1 IP NDPSM-DNSname
Node2 IP NDPSM-DNSname


http://<NDPSM-DNS-name>/ipp doesn't work,
http://<NDPSM-DNS-name>:631/ipp does work.
http://<Cluster node hosting iPrint DNS>/ipp does work.

I have a feeling that this is very simple problem, but can't quite
figure out what is wrong and where (I guess it is apache configuration

Timo Pietilä