I have NW6.5 sp5
iPrint Client 4.15
Windows XP SP2
HP DesignJet 90r

I have no problem creating the printer agent, or uploading the driver to the broker. The problem is when I install the printer thru the iPrint webpage, the iPrint client will get stuck at "Add the printer driver".

If I change the driver to HP Laserjet 5, it installs fine.

I've tried the only two drivers I can find for the printer from HP's website, but to no avail.
Has anyone ever seen this before?
Is there some way to verify that the drivers were uploaded to the broker correctly?
Is there a possible communications problem between the workstation and printer, while iPrint is installing the driver.

By the way, if I hand intall the driver on the workstation and create the IP port, where iPrint is totally out of the picture, it installs and works just fine.

Thanks for your time.