Used the server consolidation tool to migrate the printer agent for a
Dell 3100CN to the print manager on new cluster (OESNW). No errors
reported and everything appeared to be fine, all other printer agents
that were migrated as part of this job are working normally.

However, jobs sent to the Dell 3100CN are not being serviced. When
the print job is sent the printer agent reports the printer is
"printing", and shows the first 32k of the job being sent, then the
job never processes and no subsequent jobs will process either.
Looking at the printer agent in iManager shows the job is already in
retained jobs. I have no job retention setup/enabled on this printer.

I deleted the printer agent, waited for all the obits to process
through, then re-created it with the same name using iManager. It
still will not process jobs. Also checked the internal print queue
name and changed it from passthrough to the recommended "auto" as per
TID 10080373 with no effect.

The printer will service jobs sent to it directly via an IP port, but
wil not service any ndps jobs.
Any ideas??