I have 3 netware servers - 2 test servers nw65sp5 and 1 production
server at nw65sp4.

Only one server is allowing me to install secure printers - thats the
newly built nw65sp5 server.

The other servers which hang IE or mozilla do so with the following
error found in c:\ndps\ipperrs.txt

08/05/2006 - 16:54:28
Module: iexplore.exe
Trace Info: myhttp.c, line 2565, thread 000012DC
Routine: HTTPDoRecv(TLS CONNECTION) - SSL_read failed to recv
(error=6) - upgrade completed but connection was terminated
Error: HTTP 426 - Upgrade required.

The two servers this is failing on will likely have a history of
service packs and possibly migrations.

Looking at the ipp.conf file I can see no difference between the
working server and the 2 others.

I am running client v4.16.

I have posted a mail about this before - I first found this problem
from a hardcoded link from a custom written web page, and I found I had
to include 'ipps' in the URL. (Search for the thread entitled "whats
the correct uri/url").

What other info do I need to post for more help?

Thanks in advance.