I've posted this before but have been asked to repost.

NW5.1, SP8e running PCounter - printing to queue is problematic at best.
Error message appearing on the system console is: QueueUpRequest cmdCode:
208, ccdoe -705. No datestamp, no idea what printer queue it was generated
from if, indeed, it come from a queue. Restarting the server almost always
restore printing but only for a short time.

In far too many cases, printing from any applications "hangs" the
application. (If you wait up to 20 minutes or so, the app might come back).
The print job might appear in the local printer and/or within PCounter.

I've uninstalled iPrint, installed 4.16, deleted queues & reinstalled via
iPrint with no consistency of result.

On March 6th, PCounter was updated to the current version, on Mar 11,
Nw51SP7e was installed or Apr 19th, NDPSM.nlm version of 12/18/2003 was
replaced with 2/22/2006 (Sorry, notes on that change are very sketchy) and
on May 4th, I upgraded to NW51SP8e in the hope that it would resolve the
issue but with no luck.

Time is in synch, replicas are okay. I'm really at a loss but getting very
good at restarting the server :)

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Rich Molettiere

Technology Coordinator

North High School

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