-- iPrint server runs on OES Linux SP1 with eDirectory v8.7.3.7
-- User desktops run XP SP1/SP2 and W2K SP4, iPrint client v4.16
-- iPrint printers use DNS name of iPrint manager
-- DNS resolution works, from point of view of workstations
-- iPrint configuration is in non secure mode

-- The problem happens on desktops while printing.
It can be desktop1, desktop2, desktop3, etc...,or a very few desktops in
the same time. It NEVER happens that ALL desktops freeze in the same time.
Users reported that a desktop can print during 2 months without any
problems, and then have the problem twice a week.
Main symptom is that sometimes, at irregular frequency (!!) and without
clear reason, printing application completely freezes the desktop. Print
job itself is printed very well (!!). User has to do 'Ctrl-Alt-Delete' in
order to get rid of freezing application. When user tries to print another
document with another application, it freezes again, but print job is
always printed well (!?), again.
When the problem occurs, even the simple printing of test page freezes the


That's my question right now : what's the cause ? Windows problem or iPrint
problem ? iPrint configuration ? iPrint server performance?
Windows spool ?

Solution (temporary)

Generally, reboot fixes the problem.
Sometimes, we have to reinstall iPrint printers and iPrint client.

Do you have any ideas ?

Thank you in advance