Hi all.

The iManager driver uploads into the broker no longer functions.

I have reordered the search path so SEARCH ADD SYS:\JAVA\NJCLV2\BIN is
before SEARCH ADD SYS:\ni\update\bin. IPX is not enabled. The remote
manager through HTTPSTK port 8009 functions.

The certificates were recreated then verified with PKDIAG, and re-
imported with TCKEYGEN without error.

I have uninstalled iManager 2.0.2 on one server then installed iManager
2.6 without success. I have install iManager 2.6 over top iManager 2.0.2
on another server without success.

I have tried TID 10100923 fix/iManager plug-in patch.

The user account is authorized in the iManager Server Configuration.

So far nothing has resolved the driver upload failure through iManager.

The process appears to fail after the files leave the local workstation
NDPS/DRV_TMP folder and are transferred from the NDPS\XFER folder to the

The error message IE displays,
"Internal error : A page has performed an illegal operation."

The last line of the logger console screen displays,
"Propertybook........1528 java.lang.NullPointerException."

The servers are running Netware 6.5 SP5 with post patches for NIPPED,
NDPSM, TSA, NWFTP, eDir The driver upload was functional prior
to SP5 roll out.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Right now the only way I can upload
drivers is with NWAdmin.

As a note, I have built a production server and a test server in
standalone trees with Netware 6.5 SP5 overlay, Post SP5 patches, and
iManager 2.5/2.6 where the iManager Broker printer driver upload
functions correctly. This tends to point to a prior version/configuration
issue in the existing tree's servers. Where is the question?

Thank you.