We're having trouble sending print jobs to NDPS agents via LPR when the
document name is long (eg
jygfwhegfwlfgbwljhefbwlghberglhwrbgwbgwlhgfbwlehfg bwefhwbelfhwbefwjhbflwjhfb
wljefhbwljhfbwrjhgbwrjghberghbejfhvwfjhwbrgwrgbrlg hrb.doc).
Mac users and design students seem to want to use long names for their
documents. The same job will go to the agent when using NDPS but when
using LPR on a Mac, the error "remote host did not accept control file
(66)' comes up on the spooler. When sending the job from windows, for
me the job disappears. The faculty support staff are telling me that
the clients are actually stopping the agent from accepting jobs after
this error occurs.

Has anybody seen this issue and/or know a fix? I've tried searching
everywhere and can't find mention of it.