Hi all.

I just switched to using "high" security for iPrint printers and
immediately stumbled into strange problem.

When I log in as a student (zen 6.5SP2 volatile DLU user) first login
goes fine and novell client passes credentials to iPrint client just
fine. BUT each successive logins with that same account causes printer
login to fail with message "Printer login failed. Do you want to retry".
login also takes very long time to complete. If I login with different
account and then go back to that failing account then it again works one

OTOH if I do logout-login with same student account printer login fails.

If I login as staff member (no zen DLU) all logins go thru just fine.

I can't see what is wrong in student credentials. If I look at iPrint
settings "passwords"-tab those settings are right.

How to debug what is going on in those failing logins?

Timo Pietilš