Well. this is not about physically placing the printer as you must have
It's about where to place it in the design. I have this single tree,
single partition, 1 Master 2 Replicas of Netware 5.1 SP8 eDir

Servers are all configured on a subnet, With Netware DHCP
Server (say leasing out a range of via subnet configured for servicing nodes on my

Now I have configured another VLAN222 and configured a subnet on my DHCP with a Subnet Address Range of
Configured an IP helper address of DHCP server on the Layer 3 switch.
Everything is working fine with my workstations on VLAN 222 able to
obtain lease through my DHCP residing on VLAN 220 on IP

My Query: For guys sitting on VLAN222, where and how should I place my
NDPS printers? What should their IP addresses be?
If I use an IP range of to configure my 5 NDPS
printers, would the NDPS broker running on server at
recognise it? Would I have to make a "forward udp port ***" entry on my
L3 switch in the midst?
Or should I place my NDPS printer on VLAN220 with an Ip in the range
10.20.220.* and let workstations on VLAN222 print directly? Will it work?

Please advise!!