This is a question similar to one I posted several months ago.

We are running an iPrint server on NW 6.5 and want to replace it with a new
server running OES Linux. I have just installed the OS on this hardware (HP
ML 350) with iPrint being the only service installed ("Novell Print Server"
in the firs Software Selection screen).

Is there any guidance on a painless way to migrate the NDPS database,
manager, broker, driver store etc. to the new server without having to
re-install all the drivers and printers? I've looked on Novell's KB, and
found TIDs on moving from one NetWare server to another or from one Linux
server to another, but nothing on moving from NetWare to Linux.

There is one other thing. We also have an NDPS manager running on NW 6.0
servicing a few Controlled Access Printers, and it needs to migrate to the
new Linux system as well.

Richard White CNE6
Mason County Washington