Can any one please help me.

I am using the Iprint migration tool and I getting the following error
in the logfile.
Check for Print Manager

ERROR: iprntman request failed!
Request: iprntman psm --status --accept-cert -s -u username -
P password
Source: iprntman
Description: Error encountered running iprntman request: iprntman psm -
-status --accept-cert -s -u username -P password
Output: warning: using -p or --password is insecure.
socket error: socketbaseimpl::connect() failed: 10061(no connection could
be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Error in Checking for Print Manager
Source: iprntman
Description: Make sure Print Manager is created and running on
destination server!

It connects to the windows server fine but will not talk to OES Linux

Any help would be appreciated. thanks