! Sorry for posting again! But I don't find any solution for my Problem !


In our office we have a printer that need the "Enable advanced printing
features" in the "Advanced"-Tab of the printer object to be disabled.

On my english Windows XP the key is disabled by default
On my german Windows XP the key is enabled by default.

On both systems, I can set the value without any error. But when I check the
properties again, they are gone.
I can change these value on NDPS-Printers, local printers, IP-Printers with
the same driver.

I have found a message in this Newsgroup ("windows spooler settings" from
04.05.2006) with a similar problem, but without any result.

Please help me!!



Novell Netware 6.5 SP5
Novell iPrint-Client 4.20.00