I am posting this in the hope that someone else out there may have some
info to assist.
Lexmark several models of MFP Multifunction Printer Devices available.
They consist of a scanner/copier/fax device connected to a laser printer.
It is possible to control ohysical access to the devices touch panel
functions like fax, copy, scan to email by requiring the intended user
to input his cn and pwd.
The device can be configured to use LDAP port 636 SSL to talk to eDir.

This has worked quite nicely in our env.
We export the TR from our CA and use the Sun java keytool.exe to import
it into a cacerts keystore used by the MFP.
The MFP can then use this cert to establish an SSL connection to our
LDAP Server.

Recently Lexmark has changed the format of the certificates its MFPs
accept e.g. x852e Model to *.PEM format.
C1 under netware does not export in *.pem format only in b64 or *.der.

Any suggestions