Hi all..I seem to be stuck with a problem of printing over IP NDPS
printers across subnets.

My Netware's NDPS printers/DNS/DHCP all resides on subnet 10.20.30.*/24.

Workstations are on 10.20.40.*/24.

There is a router in the middle configured with ip-helper address and
workstations recieves ip address assignments from my Netware DHCP server
without any problems. Forwarded udp 524 and 427 for SLP and browsing
across eDir is also working just fine from workstation on subnet

Main problem...can't install ndps printers. From a workstation (say), when I try to manually add the already existing and
working public access printer (though via subnet (10.20.30.*/24))
NWPMW32.EXE starts and crashes printer agent and returns a message,
printer Agent not ready.

How to do this? Please advise! Am I doing something wrong here?
I have followed TID 10056598 for opening ndps ports but that doesn't seem
to work.