I thought this forwarded email might shed some light on the OSX secure
iPrint issue


Begin forwarded message:

> From: "Jerry A. Copus" <copus@UWPLATT.EDU>
> Date: 10 September 2006 21:32:28 BDT
> Subject: Re: secure ipp with Novell iPrint Mac OS 10.4.7
> Reply-To: Mac OS X enterprise deployment project
> Francis,
> We do. We fought a pitched battle with Novell and Apple over that
> one for some time. Novell finally tracked it down to a race
> condition in Apple's bundled version of CUPS in their CDSASSL code.
> It was corrected in Mac OS X 10.4.7 but we could only get it to
> work consistently if you applied the FULL 10.4.7 combo update, not
> the delta update normally available through Software Update.
> The intriguing part is that the rumor is that 10.4.8 will be
> released on Sept. 12 during the "Showtime" announcement and the
> 10.4.8 developer release notes have mention of fixes to "CUPS and
> CDSASSL". Perhaps there's a "final" fix there.
> We're printing fine currently wherever we've applied the full
> 10.4.7 update. My memory is a little fuzzy at the moment but I
> think the only thing we had outstanding was we were waiting for the
> Universal Binary version of the iPrint client from Novell. I think
> we have a field test copy though.
> On Sep 9, 2006, at 9:45 PM, Francis Beaumier wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> awhile back I asked about secure ipp on the mac. I dropped the issue
>> because it didn't seem of that much interest at that point. But
>> things have changed since then. Now all the PCs have moved to
>> iPrint.
>> 10.4.7 has brought about support for secure ipp, according to Novell.
>> Ideally the macs should follow suit so that every computer is on the
>> same page.
>> So the installation of a secure ipp printer now works great with
>> iPrint. But .. we can't get the documents to leave the local queue.
>> "Starting job" flashes briefly, and then it just barber poles for
>> ever
>> and ever amen. Does anyone have experience with iPrint? Can you
>> point me in the right direction?
>> Thanks!
>> --
>> Sincerely,
>> Francis Beaumier
>> SNC Class of 2009
>> "be at peace" Les Miserables

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