I have a nw6.5 sp1 box running iprint (latest Iprint patches). My
workstations are Windows XP sp1 with iprint client v4.20, zenworks client
4.1 and 6.5sp2 and netware client 4.83sp3 (I have updated some to 4.91sp2,
but they still have the problem). iPrint printers are installed as
workstation printers.

We have a legacy DOS app that sends print jobs to LPT1. I used icapture
to capture an iPrint printer to LPT1. While windows jobs print fine to
this captured printer, the legacy DOS app does not print at all. Here is
what I found while troubleshooting this problem:

1. The job never reaches the iPrint printer job list
2. If I go to a command prompt and send a directory (dir > lpt1) I get
the message "Access Denied". I do not have iPrint Secure printing enabled
for any iPrint printers. I also set "Security" to LOW in the "Access
Control" tab of the iPrint printer properties (via iManager v2.6).
3. At the same command prompt, I run "icapture show" (which responds and
says "Printer responding normally") and then send another directory list
(dir > lpt1) and the directory list prints. The legacy DOS application
will also work after running the "icapture show" command.
4. This happens no matter which iPrint printer I choose to capture
5. Disk space quotas are not an issue

I was thinking of going back to queue based printing for this legacy DOS
app, but the fact that the job prints after running the "icapture show"
command makes me believe that it should work.

Can anyone shed some light on this problem?