Hi !

Is it possible to shutdown (and startup) a single Printer Agent directly
form the server console (NW 6.5 SP5)?

The Gateway autoload command is

Will the command "unload NDPSGW <above parameters>" work, or will it take
down all other Printer Agents as well ?

Our ultimate aim is to define printer 'opening hours' in a student
environment where printing from CAD-applications to large-scale colour
printers shall only take place when qualified personnel is on job and where
'simple' printing to A4/A3 printers shall be available continously. And we
are not quite ready to solve the challenge using Pcounter solutions (yet).

(I found a single question on this on the forum from a couple of years
ago... the tiny-URL referenced in the answer apparently aged-out long ago.)

Bjørn R. Andersen,
Skov & Landskab, KVL, Denmark