Hi Guys

Our existing iPrint server is overloaded. We have purchased a new
machine dedicated to printing. We have iprint.ru.ac.za as a secondary IP

The existing server:
- NW 6.5 SP5
- Secondary IP with DNS iprint.ru.ac.za pointing at it
- Pcounter

The new server:
- NW 6.5 SP5
- Pcounter

According to what weve read, we did the following steps:
- Unload the print manager from the old server
- Unbind the iprint.ru.ac.za address from the old server
- Bind the iprint.ru.ac.za to the new server
- Run the new manager with load ndpsm .IPRINTMANAGER.IPRINT.RU

As per documentation it asks us if we want to move the iprint database
and asks us which volume wed like to put it on.

Problems after the move:
- http://iprint.ru.ac.za/ipp printer list loads
- Authentication works when you try and install a printer
- Any attempt to install a printer is met by HTTP error 301
moved permanently
- Machines with existing iPrinters cant print

Rolling back the changes allows things to work again *phew*.

Any comments will be most appreciated!