We are a law firm. We have a variety of HP network printers (4000, 4050,
4100, 4100mfp, 4200, 4345mfp, 4600c). We put in GB switches in April,
upgraded from Netware 6.0 to 6.5, and upgraded all of our HP printer
drivers, firmware, and jet direct firmware.

We have had many problems with our 4000s, 4200s, and 4600c printers. The
symptoms are that some network print jobs stop mid-document, or print
garbage mid-document. The print jobs could be attachments to e-mail or
documents in our document management system.

We have added RAM to the printers, changed out system boards, and jet direct
cards. We spent 3 months troubleshooting these issues with printer techs,
Novell techs, data guys and electricians, and finally resolved most of them
by rolling back to Post Script drivers.

The major offender is the Color 4600c printer because so many print their
redlined documents to that printer.

I am now testing Ricoh black and white printers and am not having any of
these problems.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Is there any resolution for
the HP problems? We have a slew of these printers and I would like to keep
using them.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.