To begin, I inherited this server so I don't know the exact history, but
apparently sometime in its past it was rename from duchas2 to botanics.
Everything looks fine, except in the iPrint webpage were it proudly
displays the text "iPrint Printers on server"??

I have looked through every config file I can find and changed the name in:
sys:\system\AUTOEXEC.NCF (this was already done)

I have done a search of th entire SYS volume for any file containing the
text duchas and found nothing.
I have looked through the attributes of the Server and NDPSM object for
anything that might be duchas in either text or binary - nothing.
I have looked throughout the SLP information - nothing.
I deleted the SSL KEY objects and recreated them with PKIDIAG (just in
case) - nothing.
I deleted the TOMCAT/APACHE/ADMINSVR directories and re-installed
APACHE, TOMCAT and iPrint from scratch and still the problem exists??

What am I missing?