After the upgrade from NetWare 5.0 we've replaced our queue-based printing
with NDPS mostly (that is, currently the queues still exist but are being
serviced by NDPS now).
Users complain about incomplete print-jobs (missing pages, malformed
output) if they issue very large print-jobs (300 pages and more per job)
directly to NDPS either through an iPrint-client or via lpr (e.g. from SAP
R/3) whereas there is no problem if still printing into the queues. This
effect also could not be observed as long as we were printing from SAP R/3
to the queues using NWUXPS in NetWare 5.0 (unchanged hardware !).
We run NetWare 6.5 SP5 along with the latest available patches.
Are there any issues known with NDPS and large numbers of print-jobs /
large print-jobs ?