I have roughly 30 NW 6.5 SP5 servers in my tree edir, but still
have 2 NW 5.1 SP4 edir 8.6.2 servers that will be retired in 6 months when
the sites closes. Since these sites are closing, we did not want to go to
the hassle to upgrade the servers to 6.5 when we did the rest of the tree
last year.

However, something came up recently where I have to remove IPX from the
entire network, which has been done with all servers except these 2 servers
and our master replica holder which is running NW6.5.

I still have to support printing for a few more months and these servers is
still 100% queue based printing, so I need to install NDPS on Netware 5.1.

The question is, that we went to NDPS at the same time we upgraded to
Netware 6.5. I am unsure at this point if I try installing NDPS for netware
5.1 on this server if it will mess up the current schema extentions for the
current NDPS(6.5) and iprint for netware 6.5. I am unsure if there were any
schema extensions for NDPS installed in the tree prior to it being upgraded
to Netware 6.5.

I do not want to bother with iprint for netware 5.1, just regular NDPS.

1. will this bring up any issues with the schema or edir?
2. HOW? do I do this? I seem to remember that in Netware 5.1 when you
install NDPS, you did it through NWConfig, and in NW 6.5 you did it though
the Remote deployment GUI (autorun CD).
3. Can I upgrade these netware 5.1SP4 servers to edir, or do I
first have to do something else (higher service pack?). Would it even be
worth the hassle?