I created the Broker and NDPSM objects on a NW 6.5 servers. Used iManager
(from the server that runs Broker and NDPSM) and manage the broker. Under
Resource management services, I tried to add windows XP drivers and choose
HP LJ3300 printer file, it will start the upload for more than 10 minutes
then I got error "Error create profile. Winsock 11004. The DNS name has
been found in database, but its assoicated data is not correct.
Error group: winsock
Error code: 11004"

I found the network connectivity for the server is very slow because it is
on a hub. I am waiting for the new switch to be delivered. I thought since
iManager updates the NDS object. I connected to a remote server that has
iManager installed. When adding the driver, I pick the folder that is
local on the remote site. After a while, I then got "Bad gateway! The
proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server".

Can someone tell me what is the winsock error and if I use iManager on a
server that does not run the Broker.nlm, will that cause me the proxy
server error. BTW, I do have proxy server but I included the servername
and its IP address in the proxy exception list which means when I run
iManager, it should not go through our proxy server.

NW Admin