hey all

I have some major print issues with NDPS that never happened with Queue
based printing and also don't happen with other print servers like CUPS.

The first issue is printing the whole document. Large PDFs and other
documents will die part way through and you can repeat this. It will happen
at the same spot every time. It is very frustrating.

Also, there is a printing priority issue. When you start a print job, but
someone else goes to print to that printer, it ususally cuts you off and
starts printing their job. Very frustrating and very reproducable.

Notes about the system: all HP printers and Jet Directs are fully up to
date. We're using the HP gateway and we have the job settings to First In
First Out. We're not doing any legacy queues either.

Novell eDirectory Version SMP
NDS version 10551.78 January 22, 2005
Novell Open Enterprise Server, NetWare 6.5
Hewlett-Packard NDPS Gateay v3.00b (20)
NDPS Broker V 3.0.10
NDPS Manager v3.01n

I am not a Novell expert. Any help or suggestions are welcome, but please
try to be detailed.

Thank you so much!