I have been wondering what the best way might be to impliment iprint.

currently iprint is on our nw65 server but as we migrate to OES
should one consider a separate server for iprint?
we have 30+ printers hung on one server. We used NDPS up to a couple months
ago, but updated all stations to the ipclient in preparation for the
migration to OES.

Should we continue to try to do this on our OES/sles9 server?
we have seen where some users printing 150 page pdf's appear to
have caused abends on the server. We also see a lot of traffic for printing
that slows other access down, and wonder if this traffic should be
separated somehow.

or should we run a separate SLES10 server or OES/sles9 server
for printing? can we even run iprint on sles10?

what would be the best. any opinions. What do we loose with a separate
server be it SLES or OES?

thank you