I'm searching for a solution to a problem I'm having with iPrint. When
booting a pc, the DOS windows that pop up from the iPrint printer install
and iCapture commands sporadically become "frozen" and have to be
manually closed. The printers and capture commands never complete. I'm
planning to deploy iPrint to several hundred clients but am hung up on
this issue.

Here are the commands I'm using in the login script:
#IPRNTCMD -a ipp://
#IPRNTCMD -a ipp://
#icapture l=1 p=de603default

The workstations are Windows XP sp2
The iPrint client is v04.20.00
The Novell client is v4.91.2.20051209 (this also happens on v4.91.1)

I've tried downgrading the iPrint client to v4.12 and the DOS commands
are completing but now I'm getting irritating messages regarding "Unable
to open NIPPLPT device - Error 5"

Can anyone shed some light for me?