Well, that's only half the truth.

Here's the deal. NDPS remote printer management won't assign the printers
like I want it to. They just aren't there. Some people are even stuck with
yucky old Queue based printers on their computers...

In NDPS Remote Printer Management I made sure that there is only settings
on once container. I have selected the highest container so that all the
users will get all the printers. I then assigned all the printers and set
it to "only allow these printers". I applied.

Now here's the strange behavior on the client side. You login, and you look
at printers. One by one they appear... then one by one they disappear.

I have no settings to delete printers. I have no scripts to delete
printers. I checked group policy -- it's fine. I checked User Extensible
Policies, too, and I made a change so that the printers are not being
restricted in any way from there.

Note, the clients are XP and 2000.

What would be causing this? Any ideas?