A couple of iPrint questions...

for a printer that has a Printer Drivers Profile (PDP) association, do the PDP configurations install when a printer is installed manually? If not, is there a way to do that? For example, we have the latest iPrint running on a NW65sp5 server and we utilize Printer Drivers Profile (PDP). With ZEN 7.01, the printers are automatically installed on the workstation with correct configurations (due to the PDP). However, when a user adds a printer manually, the configurations from PDP are not installed with the driver. the only difference between the ZEN install and the manual install is that the ZEN printers are workstation printers while the manual printers are USER printers.

How do I update a printer's driver once the printer is already installed to the workstation? For example, printerA is installed with a HP5000 driver on computerA. Later, printerA is replaced with a HP 8150. The printer is configured in eDir for the HP8150 drivers and the next person to install this printer (on computerB) will receive the HP8150 drivers. How do I update the drivers for printerA on computerA? Is there a way to automate the process of updating drivers for printers already installed or do I need to delete the printer and reinstall it to receive the updated drivers?

TIA for any help, advice and/or suggestions.


Frank E. Friedman
Ohio Industrial Commission