I've scoured this forum, and I've found others that were experiencing
the same problem I am, but I was unable to contact them via email.
My problem is that I have twelve Canon iR multifunction devices in my
environment, but my job accounting does not work.

I'm distributing them using iPrint / iCM and the printer profiles
enable all features but the "Get device status" and the ability to use
job accounting (I receive a "The printer is currently in use for
another process. Obtain device information after the process is
completed" error, which shows up afer I enter my ID and passowrd.

Installing the canon driver information assist does not work at all to
remedy this, and installing the Canon Gateway doesn't seem to be
viable at all. I'm using the Novell Gateway currently.

Installation of these devices using the CD works perfectly, but this
isn't a viable option here.

Novell's auditing feature isn't going to work for what I need either,
as it only gives me a count for individual users and not departments
-- our Finance needs direct access to all of this anyway, and granting
access to iManager won't fly.

Thanks in advance!

Robert Blue
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana