Hi! I have a problem for a while with a Xerox Phaser 7300 printer.
My setup:
Novell 6.5SP5
NDPSM Version 3.01.22 (june 15, 2006)
NDPSGW Version 3.02.01 (october 27, 2005).
PCounter Version 5.25 (6/2006)

I've setup the agent to use LPR, and sometime the printer agent just
hang with "Needs Attention", but the printer show Ready, and the jobs
stay in the queue.

This printer is used by Macintosh users, who logged to the server and
then be able to print. It works for a few days then the "Needs
Attention" is back.

If I try to shutdown the printer, almost all the time it hang the NDPS
Manager, and i must reboot the server to regain control. Worse if i try
to unload the Manager.

Its the only printer that Mac user print on it. I have 24 printer
agents on the server, and they all working OK, but with Windows users.
I even have another Phaser7300 that always works.

I've setup the gateway to use RAW, and it last a few days longer, but
the error is back today.. the weird thing is that it print anyway!
>From the NDPS Manager:

Status and Control: Error Printing
Status Details: Subunit Empty.

But like i said, the printer is ready.
>From the PCounter log, the last document before the error was

"SP366-3(petitrĩarr-coul).eps", maybe because they used french
accented caracters in the name?

Can someone help me on this?

thank you.