Hi all.

I'm searching info about how this LDAP-stuff really works with iPrint.
What exactly does it look at e-dir and how iPrint server handles them
and that kind of stuff. And how that Novell client integration works.
Credentials are passed to iPrint client which way?

What I'm trying to figure out is why iPrint needs UniqueID when e-dir
could return fully qualified ldap name (like
cn=user,ou=department,o=treeroot) based on what novell client knows
about that user. Using attribute that might not even exists, and what
isn't even unambiguous seems like a stupid idea for me. If it is
possible to disable "username (LDAP)", and instead use "username
LDAP_DN), then I might be able to solve my problems. If that is the
problem. Based on answers I have got (0) nobody seems to know how to
debug iPrint.

Timo Pietilš