Hi, i have deployed iprint in place the current NDPS solution but having
some random problems. When users logoff or reboot their PCs, on next log
on, when they try to print, the print job gets stuck in the Windows
Printers & Faxes print queue window. When you select to restart, pause or
resume the job it returns with an access denied error in the same window.
The only way to fix this is to select "Cancel All documents" then delete
all the printers, then stop the spooler service, end the iprntctl.exe and
iprntlgn.exe processes through task manager. Then open up the printer ipp
page, run the iprint client install, once finished then select printer to
install and once that installs the printer everything works fine again
until they next reboot or logoff. We are using WindowsXP SP2, Netware 6.5
SP5, ZEN7, IPP client 4.20. What could be causing this to happen?