* iManager 2.6 with iprint plugin on NW6.5.5 server[1]
* iPrint installed on NW6.5.5 cluster[2]
* iprntnw65sp5d patch installed on cluster

I'm not able to add linux drivers (*.ppd) to my broker from file.
Drivers for WinXP and Win2000 works fine.
If I try to load the ppd file, I get the error:

"NDPS Library Error Category: 1060004h
Other Error: FFFFFC65h"

I looked for 1060004h in TIDs, but could only find something about IPX.
I don't have installed IPX at all. About FFFFFC65h I found nothing at all.

Do somebody have any hints how to add the linux/mac drivers to my iprint
Btw. it is the recent driver for konica bizhub 250 german.

TIA for any hints