Novell NetWare V6.5 SP5/OES SP2
Kyocera KM-C2230MFP Multifunction printer

I'm using the following driver provided by the manufacturer:

CPC 22C-M PCL5c Generic

This issue is patch independent.

The problem manefests itself in the following manner:

Start iManager 2.5
iPrint/Create Printer profile
Enter name of profile, select driver above
iPrint DRiver Profile Configuration window/iPrint-driver-profile-hiddenPA
window pop open
select the options installed in the printer and add them to the installed
options list, or select nothing(base config)
Click OK when finished, iManager/IE hangs (not responding in Task Manager)
Kill Application @ "PA" Window results in a Novell iPrint box, message
is "The remote procedure call failed. Error group: Windows, Error code:

Any thoughts? Google the file KMC2230WIN2KXPPCL100100.exe for the driver
being used.