Hi -- I recently installed a Dell 3110cn driver into the Broker so I could
load the driver from the server at that particular site, but everytime I
try to install the printer it displays message that "the server on which
the printer resides does not have the correct printer driver installed"
Anytime I check the Broker I can see the driver, but when I'm at the user
workstation I do not, and so I have to install it from my directory in the
server instead of it being stored in the broker where it can be associated
to thell 3110cn printer. Is there something else I need to configure on
the NDPS, Broker, or Printer Agent to allow this to occur, or at least
when the workstation is on the network, it can automatically copy the
driver locally to the workstation?

I am using the following technologies:

NW51 sp8e
NDPS 3.01n
Broker 3.00j
eDIr 8737
Workstations: Windows2000 sp4
Client 4.83 latest SP, and 4.91 sp2 (will have the rest upgraded by Spring

any help is appreciated, thanks.