Running Novell 6.5 SP5 and NDPS printers, but not iPrint, there is no
problem whatever about adding printers to Win98 or Win2K worksatations.
Now I am just trying the same thing with XPsp2 workstations with mixed

I find the printer names cannot be changed. This was not the case under
Win98 or Win2K clients, where in control panel/printers I could right-
click and find 'rename' as an option. In XP this option simply does not

It's a nuisance because the printer names seen in applications have names
like \\DM-TREE\despatch_invoice.printer_port1.main which is off-putting to
people normally used to seeing far more user-friendly names.

I dont know if this is common to XP pro without Novell - that you cannot
rename printers, or if it is the Novell client getting it's fingers jammed
in the registry.

A poke around the registry reveals lots and lots of places where these
names (as above) appear, and so I could probably change them if I knew
which keys would not break the connection to the drivers, etc....

Of course, most knowledgeable users are probably doing this an entirely
different way, using iPrint or something. Bear with me, this is a small
company with next to no Novell expertise and no support to call on either.
We stick with Novell simply because once set up it runs and runs without
any attentions whatever. We have no ambitions for great new features and
all the problems that come with them, we just want simple, known solutions
to CARRY ON WORKING. But alas, they dont....