Haven't really used RPM since the days of NWAdmin.

But just tried to push out a printer to a group of people. When they
login, the printer is pushed out, but the driver doesn't seem to make
it?? When I try to open the properties of the printer I get an Windows
Explorer error "Function address xxxxxx caused a protection fault. some
or all property pages may not be displayed"
Then it says the Driver is not installed on this computer and some
properites will not be accessible unless you install the printer driver.

My gut tells me that the problem is that the driver (even though I
uploaded an XP version of the HP driver to the Broker) is not digitally
signed. I always get a warning box when installing this driver.
If I install the printer via iPrint or manually via NDPS it downloads
fine (although I still get the warning box when done manually.)

Has anyone else seen this and if so how did you get around it.