We use Iprint on terminal servers. We have the problem that at some (it
seems to occur randomly) point print jobs stay in the local spooler and
are not send to the printer. At the same time users who are connected on
another terminal server (and also use Iprint) can print without any
problem to these same printers. The only "solution" we have is to let
everyone logout of the terminal server in question and to restart the
terminal server. We also have to delete the printjobs in the spooler.
When we only stop and then restart the spooler the problem occurs again
quite soon.
We have the following configuration:
Windows Terminal server 2003
Iprint client 4.15
Netware 6.5 SP5
ZEN for desktops 6.5 SP2
We do not have an active directory and thus use ZEN also voor DLU.
Has anyone the solution for this problem.
I have tried almost everything and are getting quite desperate now !