OK, I have exhausted every thing that I can think off and now I need some

I have an issue with clients printing to an iPrint printer from within
citrix. Here are the details:

NW65SpP5, client4.91sp2, WinXPsp2, iPrint4.15, WS2003, and Citrix MPS3.0

I connect to the citrix server using an ICA session. All necessary
mappings occur, to include the iPrint mappings. I know this because I can
see them on the server and on the client. Print jobs sent to the iPrint
printer fail or never print. If the printer is installed in any other way
on the client, ie NDPS, Local, or TCP/IP they print. I have also
attempted to print to other iPrint printers, but I get the same results.

I added the iPrint client to the WS2003 Server, with no results. I have
not added the Novell Client at this point, but I do not beleive that it
is necessary, correct?

The only noticable thing that I have found is that the port used for the
printer is created differently than how it is on the client. On the
client the port is "ipp://printing.domain.org/ipp/TechDept4000tn". When
it is mapped on the server while on the ICA session it
is: "ipp://printing.domain.org/TechDept4000tn", this mapping does not
have the /ipp after the domain. Which leads to beleive that it is trying
to send jobs to the incorrect port.

This issue is only within the ICA session. If I RDP/TS to the citrix
server the mapping is taken from the client an uses the correct port and
all jobs succeed. I have also installed the iPrinter manually on the
server and all works fine.

As this may be a citrix, is there any way that I can force how the iPrint
printers get mapped for the ICA session. Has anyone run into this issue
that may have some insight.

This probably sounds as confused as I really am with this,

Thanks in advance.