Hi all.

This is not iPrint question, but I guess several of you have already
pondered this problem. I have now distributed iPrint to pretty much all
computers in all departments, but some of the users have TCP/IP
-printers installed. I need to remove those.

Windows XP has prnmngr.vbs that can delete printers by using printer
name. Problem is that users might have renamed their printers and I
don't want to delete local printers (like "Microsoft Office Document
Image Writer").

Any easy solution how to del TCP/IP printers using scripts or some
(free) tool?

I'm working on script that looks for printer port name, and if it begins
with "IP_" then looks for printer name and deletes that printer (and the
leftover port). This, however, is not very easy to do to someone that is
not coder (like me).

Timo Pietilš