Printer profiles are not working on our win 2003 server. I am trying to
deploy 80 printers on one of our report servers and have chosen iprint to
deploy and configure our printers. We will use IPrint to deploy these 80
printers on 4 other Windows 2003 servers so implementing this way will save

The printer profile for the 4300dtn printer is not configuring the print
driver on the windows 2003 server and therefore not configuring the
printer's trays.

When I try to configure the printer profile on the windows 2003 server, it
says Printer Profiles management is not supported for this type of
operating system.

If I configure a printer profile on an XP machine will this work in a
windows 2003 server?

Any other ideas to get the printer configured? We need to deploy via iprint
as we need to use the shortname functionality in the iprint.ini file as our
NDPS names are too long for our report application.