Server OS: Netware 6.5.6
NDPS Manager: 3.02
Patches Installed: iPrint update to NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 6

The issue we have been having as of late is we cannot add an NDPS
Controlled Access Printer. When we attempt to add the printer via
iPrint in iManager I receive the following error after completing the
first info page in the Create Printer wizard: Error: Create Printer
Failure com.novell.service.ndps.NDPSException: NDPS Library Error:
700005h. When using NWAdmin to create the printer NWAdmin becomes
non-responsive after clicking OK on the Create Printer Agent screen.

After this point I end up with an unbound Printer Agent in the NDPS
Manager that can only be removed using the PAGen tool. Attempting to
select the printer in the NDPS Manager and deleting it from there locks
the NDPS Mamager and requires a reboot of the server to recover.

We noticed this issue on NW 6.5.5 and we upgraded to 6.5.6 + the patch
mentioned above and still have the same issue. I was able to add
printers when I moved the NDPS Manger over to a test server we have
running here.

I did notice some errors in PKDiag and repaired those and I have also
run a DSRepair on the server.

Any ideas as to what I might want to look at next on this?