iPrint 4.15

We have an HP LaserJet 4000 that is connected directly to a PC and that is
setup in iPrint. The gateway autoload command is as follows:


The driver is loaded to the broker, and print driver profile was setup and
associated to the printer in iPrint, etc. In the configuration of the
printer driver profile I enabled the envelop feeder and all the paper trays
(Tray 1 - Manual feed, Tray 2 - 500 sheets, optional Tray 3 installed - 500
sheets), and I set the paper types for each tray. It looks as if the iPrint
printer itself is working fine. However, when the user opens a document in
Microsoft Word, selects the HP 4000 iPrint printer, and goes to File > Page
Setup > Paper tab, the only options for the paper source are:

Default Tray
Form Select

My guess is that this is an application level issue--that there's a setting
in Word that is causing the problem. But because the printer is setup in
iPrint, I wanted to check out that end of things as well. Are there any
iPrint settings that would cause this problem?