Howdy all,
Just had a question for the community. We have a few of our Admins who
are trying to install a printer in iPrint in iManager. They are
getting the error message

Error: Create Printer Failure

com.novell.admin.common.exceptions.UniqueSPIExcept ion: (Error -601) The
object name entered could not be found in the context specified. Refer
to Help for all listings of possible causes and solutions.

If you go look, a printer object was created in the Printers container
with the name specified. I thought it might be a rights issue, but I
put one of the users as a trustee at the Tree level with supervisor
rights, and we are still having the issue. Can someone shed some light
on what this might be? I appreciate any comments.

Bob Shatford
Asst. Network Administrator
Keller ISD