Imanager 2.5.20051102.
NW6.6 SP5 OES.
One broker. One ndpsm.

"Error on Page" when trying to add new printer drivers to Broker.
( TID / link below is exactly what I'm experiencing )
Loaded November 2006, iprint plugin via directions from:
cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&externalId=3018152&sliceI d=SAL_Public&dialogID=250
or tid 10100923.
Ran tcadmdn. Then ran tcadmup.
Iprint plugin shows it is installed.
Did this with admin user IManager was installed with originally...but
admin username was renamed to adminxyz in EDir, if that matters.

But...I still have a "Error on Page" on bottom right of IE6 window.

Thanks to all...